Children's Corner Jordan
Children's Corner Jordan

Children's Corner Jordan

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Jordan is a bubble for boys and girls, designed for knit fabrics. The neck and armholes are finished with a wrap-around binding and the legs are finished with elastic. This knit bubble will keep your little one comfortable and always in style.

Size Range: 3mo-24mo. 
Printing Type: Unnested on Paper

SUGGESTED FABRICS: Light to medium-weight stretch knit. Choose a stable knit like interlock or jersey with less than 35% of stretch. Pattern is not suitable for woven fabrics.

• Elastic (1/4”) – 3/4 yard
• Snaps or Buttons (3/8”) for crotch – 3
• Twin needle for knits (optional)
• Featherweight fusible interfacing (optional) – 1/4 yard

REQUIREMENTS: Fabric quantities allow for nap and moderate shrinkage for 58” wide fabric. Wash fabrics before cutting to allow for shrinkage.